Environmentally friendly

The low - voltage power supply allows safe wiring operations, ensuring also an anti crushing security through the detection of obstacles. The low tension also allows to connect to the devices an alternative alimentation sytem through solar panel.

Savings in the bill

Energy saving ensured by the ESA SYSTEM, which allows to reset completely the system costs while being in stand by. That ensures, for example in Italy, an annual saving of about 50 €

Time savings

Ease of installation thanks to the simplicity of the instruction manuals, studied and realized to guarantee the maximum ease of understanding also to whom is inexperienced. In addition, each kit includes a dvd with the installations videos with the aim of allow the final user to see the salient phase of the assemblage. The facility and the simplicity of installation are also guaranteed by coloured clamps and by a self calibration’s system of the control unit, which make the testing phases easier.