Opening kit for sliding gates up to 400 kg


For sliding gates up to 400 kg


1 24 Vdc Operator with control unit and integrated receiver
1 Pair of photocells
1 24 Vdc Flashing light withinyegrated aerial
1 Key selector
2 433,92 Mhz, 3 channels transmitters
1 Warning board

* It needs R4.BY accessory - Nylon rack

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220 €

FREEDOM is the BYOU operator for sliding gates up to 400 kg.

Simple and easy to install, it has numerous strong features.

The inclined position of the control unit inside the motor makes programming operations simple and immediate, while the motor wiring is simplified by the possibility of adjusting its height and depth, by its compact dimensions and ergonomic lines.

Equipped with electromechanical limit switches that allow stopping of the motor, FREEDOM is characterised by an anticrushing system with amperometric detection and by the possibility of system operation even in a power cut, thanks to batteries that can be perfectly integrated in the motor.

Possibility of unlocking with a key.

Instruction  Installation Guide

Power Supply230 Vac
Motor supply24 Vdc
Absorbed Power80 W
Max. absorbed current0,6 A
Torque9 Nm
Opening speed10m/min
Operation cycleintensive use
Protection levelIP 44
Operating temp.-20°C/+70°C
Driving gear for rackM4 Z14
Max. Gate weight400 Kg
Weight6,8 Kg


  • C.BY
    Accessory for operation in the absence of electric power, composed of a battery charger, nickel metal hydrate batteries and support.
    140 €
  • C.BY
    Pair of columns with photocells P.BY and support.
    68 €
  • C.BY
    Pair of fixed photocells for external fitting. Design and technology to satisfy dual requirements, safety and energy saving.
    44 €
  • C.BY
    Flashing light Byou 433.92 MHz with built-in aerial. Decisive lines for a flashing light with a unique design.
    38 €
  • C.BY
    Key selector for outdoor installation.
    34 €
  • C.BY
    Nylon rack 26x40x1000 mm with slots and screws. Pack of 4 meters.
    40 €
  • RC.BY
    2-channel- receiver for Byou transmitters. It allows to control other automations with Byou transmitters.
    90 €
  • W.BY
    Warning board.
    3 €